[CentOS-docs] Wiki review

Wed Jan 27 19:58:10 UTC 2021
Rich Bowen <rbowen at redhat.com>

Over the past few days, and as I have time over the coming weeks, I've 
been wandering around wiki.centos.org and adding blocks like the 
following to the top of pages:

{{{#!wiki note
'''Help improve this page'''

We need your help! Help us by identifying questions that have 
incorrect/outdated answers, adding questions that you feel need to be 
answered, or improving the answers that are given below.

Join us on the 
mailing list to discuss this, and other documentation work!


You can find pages to which I've added this by doing this Google search:


We have a LOT of content in the wiki that is outdated (some going back 
to CentOS 4 days) and no longer accurate. And this is an ideal place for 
community members to help us out with updating/rewriting that content.

I was hoping to publicize this effort to centos-devel, but first wanted 
to 1) get more pages tagged this way and 2) make sure that you, the 
residents of centos-docs, don't have any concerns about me calling down 
hundreds of strangers onto this list (yes, I know, that's very 
optimistic) with their edit requests.