[CentOS-docs] Repo for RHEL docs in CentOS Stream

Fri Sep 17 12:19:20 UTC 2021
Tomas Capek <tcapek at redhat.com>

Hey folks,

    I'm following up after a meeting with Rich, Karsten, and others, where
we discussed next steps towards setting up a mirror of




Interesting question came up - how should the repo be named? Considering
that all "redhat", "centos stream", and "docs" are already in the URL, we
briefly discussed the name before Karsten suggested bringing the question

Among the proposals were:

"modular-docs" - might be confusing with binary modules in the Stream
"enterprise-upstream" - could make sense from the perspective of RHEL,
maybe not so much from the community perspective
"linux" - this is how RHEL is called outside the context of the RH product
offering but is it widespread enough and unambiguous enough?

We also need to consider that we shall start by setting up a one-way mirror
from RHEL to Stream and later switch the setup to be fully upstream-first.

We also discussed a README file for the mirrored content - I created the
initial version here for reviews and suggestions:


Hope that helps,

Tomáš Čapek
Senior Documentation Program Manager
Customer Content Services
irc: tcapek

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