[CentOS-docs] Repo for RHEL docs in CentOS Stream

Thu Sep 30 20:56:48 UTC 2021
Davide Cavalca <dcavalca at fb.com>

On Thu, 2021-09-30 at 16:17 +0200, Tomas Capek wrote:
> Hi Davide and thank you for your input.
> "enterprise-docs" could work, I'll pass the message to others.
> As for moving everything upstream immediately and in one fell swoop,
> unfortunately it's not possible at this stage. We are already
> maintaining the docs for multiple versions and we need to be mindful
> of the technical aspects of sharing the docs as well, because the
> toolchain infrastructure upstream and downstream differ. Still, my
> hope is that we will be able to make steady progress.

Fair enough, as long as there's a way for folks to provide community
contributions and a process for getting those reviewed and merged I'm