[CentOS-es] Re: [CentOS] "driconf" to try to solve "texture size" problem with beryl+radeon+dualhead+mergefb

ArcosCom Linux User linux en arcoscom.com
Mie Jul 4 09:12:17 UTC 2007

Yes, with the MergedFB parameter and with a Virtual size of 2960x1050
(LAPTOP 1680x1050 + external LCD 1280x1024).

DRI is working fine, the problem is that, with the laptop LCD only
(1680x1050) beryl works like a charm, but when I boot with the external
LCD connected, I have that message (and glxinfo shows me that Direct
Rendering is working.

glxinfo shows me that DRI is working too when I have the external LCD

I want to play with driconf to see if I can solve this problem, as I read
that with that util you can change some DRI parameters, but I don't know
what parameters I need to change (I really don't know how DRI works and/or
what parameters have and what values they have).

As a note, I have GARTSize device option with value 64. If I increase that
value, the DRI is disabled automatically.


El Mie, 4 de Julio de 2007, 10:47, Steven Haigh escribió:
> Quoting ArcosCom Linux User <linux en arcoscom.com>:
> *snip*
>> Checking maximum texture size                   : failed
>> Root window size (2960/1050) is bigger then maximum texture size
>> (2048x2048)
> Are you trying to span your display across the laptops LCD and the
> external one? If so, does your final total resolution happen to be
> 2960x1050?
> It looks like that's where the issue is, however I haven't played with
> beryl in quite some time now...
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