[CentOS-mirror-announce] [infra] : availability of msync.centos.org over IPv6 (please read)

Fabian Arrotin arrfab at centos.org
Tue May 24 07:16:59 UTC 2016

Dear Mirrors Admins,

Recently we worked with the various sponsors hosting nodes for our msync
network, and we were able to have enough IPv6 connectivity to publicly
announce the availability of msync.centos.oorg over IPv6.
Actually we have ~50% ipv6 coverage in the msync network to open it up
to you.

What does that mean ? if you have native ipv6 connectivity, you'll be
able to automatically sync from us over ipv6 instead of ipv4, using the
same rsync url ( msync.centos.org::CentOS/  - see

We decided to make it transparent, so we just added AAAA record[s] in
our GeoIP pdns backend for msync.centos.org. Worth knowing that we're
still using the same rsync target as before, and so also doing IP check
for incoming connections (see initial announce mail for this :
This so remains in place but we'll add ipv6 addresses in the same ACL
(already working and confirmed by some testers on the centos-mirror
list,or #centos-mirror)

What do you have to do ? normally nothing as if you advertise AAAA
record for your public mirror, we have added it in the ACL already (and
instead of just adding it, we added the whole /48 subnet around it, in
case you're using a different IPv6 address for the outgoing connection)

What if it doesn't work anymore ? feel free to answer to that thread (on
the centos-mirror list only, not on the moderated centos-mirror-announce
list) or reach us in #centos-mirror on irc.freenode.net and we'll verify
your IPv6 address/subnet block in the ACL.

What if you have IPv6 but still want to enforce rsync over IPv4 ? you
can just do that at the rsync level through the "-4" parameter (man rsync)

Should you encounter an issue, or should you have questions, feel free
to reach us directly.
on behalf of the CentOS sysadmin/infra team,
Fabian Arrotin
The CentOS Project | http://www.centos.org
gpg key: 56BEC54E | twitter: @arrfab

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