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EasyHost Sales

sales at easyhost.be
Fri Aug 19 17:16:41 UTC 2005

Please email the list when you're all set up with your cron job and your
initial sync is completed. We will add you to our list of mirror sites.
Please provide all relevant URL's (ftp/http/rsync/?) as well as how
often you are synchronizing the mirror network. Please include what
city/state/country you are in and what your bandwidth cap is. Also
please give a name and link to the sponsoring organization so we can
give proper credit. If the best contact point for your mirror is not the
address you are subscribed to the mailing list with, please provide the
email address of your preferred contact as well.

3 time/day updated
rsync useage
city: diegem
country : belgium
bandwdth : 4x100 Mbit/s
link: centos.easyhost.be
sponsering : EasyHost.be
Met beleefde groeten,


"Business Internet Solutions" 

Lambroekstraat 5a - B-1831 Diegem 
Tel: +32 (0)70 25 02 25 - Fax: +32 (0)70 25 02 26 
E-mail : info at easyhost.be <mailto:info at easyhost.be>  -
http://www.easyhost.be <http://www.easyhost.be/>  

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