[CentOS-mirror] Heads up - CentOS 4.1 is almost here

Karanbir Singh Mail-Lists at karan.org
Fri Jun 10 10:46:40 UTC 2005

Hi guys,

Just a quick note of advance(!) notice : CentOS 4.1 tree is starting to
be populated with the IA64 branch. i386 and x86_64 will start shortly
and complete in 72 to 96 hrs times. We are looking at an approximate
size increase of 4 to 5 GB for the /centos/4/ tree.

We will try and ensure there is a lag, from the time the pkgs are
uploaded, to the Announcement itself, allowing the mirrors to catch up.

To save on mirror space, duplicate packages in 4.1 will be hardlinked
against pkgs in 4.0  ( please check your rsync lines, make sure there is
an -H option there ).

Further, once the 4.1 iso's are available on the mirrors, iso's for 4.0
will be removed from the mirrors right away. They will still be
available on BitTorrent for an over-lap period of 14 days, should anyone
need them.

Once this 14 day over-lap is over, the entire 4.0 tree will be removed
from the mirrors and /centos/4/ will be pointing at /centos/4.1/

Thank you all, once again, for hosting mirrors for the CentOS Project.

Karanbir Singh   : http://www.karan.org/
GnuPG Public Key : http://www.karan.org/publickey.asc

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