[CentOS-mirror] New CentOS 3.x Mirror

netsvcs at flashwirenetwork.net netsvcs at flashwirenetwork.net
Sun Jun 26 17:53:58 UTC 2005

Hi, after correcting a nasty little issue with our Apache config, the 
mirror is
now fully accessible.  The only difference is that (after a quick test
confirming its accessibility) the Flashwire Group mirror is now available via:


Network and Internet Services Department
The Flashwire Group

  Quoting netsvcs at flashwirenetwork.net:
> Hi!  We're proud to inform you of a new CentOS 3.x mirror in Fremont,
> California.  Stats are below.
> Happy browsing!  :)
> Bandwidth: 10Mbps sustained dedicated bandwidth (100Mbps burstable port) on
> Hurricane Electric network
> Location: Fremont, California, USA (Hurricane Electric Fremont data center)
> Frequency: 4 hour intervals beginning at Midnight, PDT/PST
> Contact Emails:
> netsvcs at flashwirenetwork.net  Network and Internet Services
> admin at flashwirenetwork.net  Administration Dept (Net&SysAdmin)
> noc at flashwirenetwork.net  Network Operations & Monitoring
> Name:  The Flashwire Group
> Link: http://www.flashwirenetwork.net
> Files Available: All 3.x
> We currently have only HTTP access working, but we will promptly 
> notify you of
> any changes.
> http://www.flashwirenetwork.net/centos/
> Thanks,
> Network and Internet Services Department
> The Flashwire Group

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