[CentOS-mirror] Welcome to the new CentOS-mirror mailing list.

Wed Mar 30 00:35:10 UTC 2005
lance at uklinux.net <lance at uklinux.net>

As you will have read in a recent post, the CentOS mirror system is 
separating from cAos so as to be an independent project in its own right.

There will be more information regarding how to change the mirror setup 
and where to sync from shortly, however for now we are creating new 
mailing lists.

If you were subscribed to the caos-mirror mailing list then you will jave 
been subscribed to this list automatically. (If not - apologies).

The options you subscribed with should be maintained - although your 
password will have changed.

If you want to know the password that has been set in order to login and 
change options then you can have it emailled to you here :-



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