[CentOS-mirror] Mirror Changes - Important

Wed Mar 30 21:48:17 UTC 2005
caos-mirror at planetmirror.com <caos-mirror at planetmirror.com>

On Wed, 30 Mar 2005 at 21:42, Lance Davis wrote:

> 5. Please email the list to say that you have restructured your mirror and
> what the new urls will be for public use. We will update the databases to
> reflect these new locations.

PlanetMirror has reflected the changes. Our new mirror locations are as

CentOS:  http://planetmirror.com/pub/centos/
Caosity: http://planetmirror.com/pub/caosity/

If there's anything else you need (or if you notice a problem I didn't
pick up on) let me know :-)


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