[CentOS-mirror] Mirror Changes - Important

Thu Mar 31 08:39:24 UTC 2005
guenther.fischer at hrz.tu-chemnitz.de <guenther.fischer at hrz.tu-chemnitz.de>

Restructering is ready from rsync.hrz.tu-chemnitz.de - the rsync's will be done twice a day.



Lance Davis schrieb:
> Due to the split of mirrors with cAos , it will be necessary for mirrors 
> to make some changes to the way that they mirror the CentOS tree, as 
> moving forward it will no longer be a part of the caosity tree.
> Firstly mirrors need to decide whether they are mirroring CentOS or cAos 
> or both. They are distinct operating systems, CentOS is a rebuild of 
> Enterprise Linux , whereas cAos is an rpm based distribution in its own 
> right.
> For more information see www.centos.org or caos.caosity.org
> At present both trees are mirrored with a single rsync of 
> mirror.caosity.org::cAos - moving forward two rsyncs will be needed :-
> mirror.caosity.org::caosity that will get the caos tree
> and
> msync.centos.org::CentOS that will get the CentOS tree
> Please note that at present CentOS will be listed and stored within the 
> cAos tree, this should not be the case in the future - CentOS should never 
> be stored or listed as a part of cAos or caosity.
> Mirror Changes
> --------------
> In order to achieve the changes required with minimum download bandwidth 
> the following steps should be carried out. (Note that individual 
> circumstances may vary - if in doubt do nothing and ask) .
> 1. Stop cron based rsync job from syncing
> 2. Move the CentOS tree to its new location, which should be at the root 
>    of the publically served tree. 
>    This can either be achieved with 'mv' or if you want a 2nd chance at it 
>    'cp -al' which will create a hardlinked copy of the tree (as long as it 
>    is on the same partition)
>    eg with directory structure 	/pub
> 				/pub/caos
> 				/pub/caos/centos
>    cp -al /pub/caos/centos /pub/
>    or
>    mv /pub/caos/centos /pub
>    to end up with 		/pub/
> 				/pub/caos
> 				/pub/centos
>    (and 			/pub/caos/centos/ if using cp -al)
> 3. Create a new rsync cron job to sync the CentOS tree (if required) . 
> This should be    something like :-
>    rsync -aqzH --delete msync.centos.org::CentOS /pub/
>    *** note the change to msync.centos.org *** mirror.centos.org is 
>    deprecated for rsync use - to allow us to use different servers for yum 
>    mirrors.
>    please use rsync -anvzH --delete msync.centos.org::CentOS /pub/ 
>    first to test that the command will do the right thing ('n' is dry run 
>    and will just show what wil be transferred - which in theory should be very 
>    little - if it says 40 GB + then the command is wrong !!)
> Note that due to the way that rsync works any updates will only be written 
> to this new tree and not the hardlinked tree left behind if using cp -al 
> above ( that can be deleted once you are happy with the new location 
> working).
> 4. Create a new rsync cron job to sync the cAos tree (if required). This 
> should be something like :-
>    rsync -aqzH --delete mirror.caosity.org::caosity /pub/
>    *** note the change to ::caosity - ::cAos will still sync both trees 
>        for mirrors that havent restructured yet.                       ***
>    This will also delete the CentOS tree left underneath the caos tree 
>    above.
> You should now have both trees in the correct places.
> 5. Please email the list to say that you have restructured your mirror and 
> what the new urls will be for public use. We will update the databases to 
> reflect these new locations.
> 6. It is not necessary to mirror all of centos if you do not wish to - eg 
> you can choose whether to carry 2.1 , 3.3, 3.4, 4.0 - but please note in 
> the email any trees that you will not be carrying and we will note that in 
> the database.
> 7. In the very near future we will be restricting access to 
> msync.centos.org to publically listed mirrors only - we have to establiush 
> a way for new mirrors to sync first though.
> 8. We will be tracking which mirrors have/havent restructured and will 
> contact individual mirrors accordingly.
>  There is now an irc channel - #centos-mirror 
> on irc.freenode.net where mirroring discussions may be held.
> Lance

	~Guenther Fischer