[CentOS-mirror] new mirror at http://mirror.tamu.edu/centos/

Mark Nipper nipsy at tamu.edu
Mon Oct 31 05:57:25 UTC 2005

        Our server is currently rsyncing against
us-msync.centos.org at 0300/1500 CST6CDT.  Please let me know if
we need to change that.  The only valid access method is
currently via http.  We might consider rsync in the future, but
I'll let you know if that changes.

        The server is located in College Station, Texas, USA.  We
are connected with the Internet via an OC-12 and Internet2 via an
OC-3.  The server itself is only on 100Mbit ethernet though, so
that will be the bottleneck.

        And finally, the sponsoring organization should probably
be "Texas A&M University" with a URL of http://www.tamu.edu/.


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