[CentOS-mirror] ftp.nara.wide.ad.jp offline time

Tue Oct 18 02:32:05 UTC 2005
NAIST FTP Administrator <ftp-admin at is.naist.jp>

Dear cAos maintainer,

We plan to conduct periodic inspections
of electrical facilities in our institute
at 23/Oct/2005 9:00-17:30 +0900(JST).

Because of this conduct, it will be outage.
So server will be shutdown around 7:00.
You can not access our server all that time.

We plan to start our server around 21:00. 

 - Date  :23/Oct/2005 7:00-21:00 +0900(JST)
 - Reason:periodic inspection of electrical facilities in our institute

Best regards.

NARA Institute of Science and Technology

NAIST FTP server administrator
ftp-admin at is.naist.jp