[CentOS-mirror] New Mirror at http://centos.simlink.com.hk

Mon Oct 31 14:32:57 UTC 2005
admin at simlink.com.hk <admin at simlink.com.hk>


HTTP Address: http://centos.simlink.com.hk
FTP Address: ftp://centos.simlink.com.hk
Initial Sync: Completed.
Daily Sync: 6 times per day
Upstream Server (RSync From): RIKEN Research Institute

Country: Hong Kong (China, Asia)
Bandwidth: Ethernet 100M Port

Sponsoring Origanization: SimLink Connection (http://www.simlink.com.hk)
Contact Person: Jeffery Wong (jeffery at simlink.com.hk)

The mirror server has been put in production, that means it's now 

Thank you very much!

SimLink Connection