[CentOS-mirror] New Mirror

Sat Oct 15 19:21:34 UTC 2005
Tony Wicks <tony at prophecy.net.nz>

Hi all, Ive got a new mirror server all synced up and ready to go (I've 
hosted the official New Zealand Redhat (Fedora now) mirror for the last 
7-8 years so mirroring CentOS made very good sense as I now use CentOS 
for all my production servers). -

ftp.wicks.co.nz (ftp only at this stage)
currently rsynced 4 times a day off  ftp.linux.ncsu.edu
currently holding i38x and x86_64,  I'll expand this at some stage.
100Meg available to New Zealand users and 20meg available to the rest of 
the world (shared with the Fedora mirror).

My website is wicks.co.nz