[CentOS-mirror] using the --delay-update switch in rsync >= 2.6.4

Mihai Maties mihai at xcyb.org
Thu Sep 15 07:30:16 UTC 2005

On Thursday 15 September 2005 05:22, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> We have upgraded the rsync used on the centos mirrors to a version >=
> 2.6.4 so that we can use the --delay-updates flag for rsyncing.
> This flag (if you have rsync >= 2.6.4) will download all the updates,
> then move them into place ... so for items like yum repos, there is a
> much shorter time that the repo is not usable during long updates.  If
> you have rsync >= 2.6.4, we recommend you use this switch for CentOS
> rsyncs.

Yes, indeed a very useful note. However if some mirrors do not use a recent 
rsync version and cannot upgrade for some reason there is another way to 
"simulate" the --delay-updates thingie: using a 2-pass mirror script. This 
method is explained for the Debian AMD64 mirror: 

Of course the first pass needs to be adjusted a little so the repodata.xml & 
friends will be excluded.


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