[CentOS-mirror] New CentOS mirror

Wed Apr 5 16:21:55 UTC 2006
tolmi at lazycat.hu <tolmi at lazycat.hu>


AFAIK there is no public mirror in Hungary, so I set one up on my server.
It is accessible via FTP only, more follows when I have some time to do
the setup. Please register it as a public CentOS mirror. Requested infos:
URL: ftp://lazycat.hu/mirrors/centos.org
Sync interwal: 4 times a day
Location: Budapest/Hungary/EU
Versions mirrored: All
Architectures mirrored: All
Bandwith: 10 MBit/s for Hungary, 256 KBit/s for others
Technical contact: tolmi AT lazycat DOT hu, Mark Tolmacs

Credit goes to Lazycat Solutions (http://www.lazycat.hu) which will be up
and running when I will have time to finish it :)

If you need more info, please let me know! Anyway thanks for this great

Mark Tolmacs