[CentOS-mirror] Bad mirror?

Fri Apr 14 22:06:10 UTC 2006
Graham Frank <gfrank at neoservers.com>

Hey all,

Update: As of today, the mirror appears to be working again.


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Hey all,

Is the LBL Berkley mirror working properly?  I use  
altruistic.lbl.gov::mirrors/centos/ to rsync my mirror, and I've  
noticed that my mirror hasn't received any new updates in almost two  
weeks now.  Rsync would give a file error when trying to use that  
mirror.  Something about it being unable to open the mirror.

I just switched my rsync command with the Stanford mirror, and it is  
downloading several gigs of data to my server.

Could you verify that the LBL Berkley mirror is working properly?


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