[CentOS-mirror] new mirror

Fri Apr 21 19:52:50 UTC 2006
Dayne Broderson <dayne at alaska.edu>


I've been running an unofficial Centos mirror for a couple years now.. but 
since it wasn't a full mirror I didn't announce it outside the university 
I am at.   After a revamp of space on some servers I found myself in a 
position to do a full and proper mirror.  Sounded like a great plan.

I now have a full Centos mirror available to the world via HTTP and FTP. 
The URLs for this are:

The rsync options used:
         ROPTS="-avqzH --delete"

Mirror is sync'ed twice a day at 3 AM and 3 PM Alaska time.

Credit for this mirror goes to:
   University of Alaska - GINA

The Internet connection should qualify as OC3 or better.

The location is Fairbanks, Alaska.

Anything else I need to provide or should be doing?

# dayne at alaska.edu # 907.474.6182 #