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Mon Aug 28 11:37:49 UTC 2006

what's your want?provocation?

On 8/28/06, Zenon Panoussis <centos at provocation.net> wrote:
> The mirror monitor at http://mirror-status.centos.org/ says
> "taiwan, province of china". For those in politics, this might
> be correct or wrong, depending on which side they stand on.
> The common name of the island however, used universally except
> perhaps in ROC, is plainly "Taiwan". Saying "Taiwan" does not
> imply any siding with either political stance, while adding
> "province of china" certainly does.
> So I wonder, what's the background to this odd naming? Did CentOS
> receive a nastigram from the Chinese ambassador? Did the ROC mirrors
> impose conditions for mirroring? Was it just an accident at work?
> Or did CentOS make a conscious decision to solve a 60-year old
> problem over the heads of those affected by it?
> Z
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