[CentOS-mirror] Versaweb Mirror back online

Wed Feb 15 16:31:02 UTC 2006
Rob Tyree <rtyree at xmission.com>


The Versaweb CentOS mirror is back online - really this time.  We will 
be sync'ing 4 times daily, and have a full mirror of all 
releases/versions on dual gigabit connectivity.  We have moved our 
datacenter to Las Vegas, NV, so you will probably want to update our 
location on the mirror list to reflect that change.


Also, can you please update our link on the public mirrors site?  It 
should appear as follows:

Versaweb Hosting Services  --> http://www.versaweb.net

We would also like to donate the use of a server to the project - I'll 
contact the appropriate email address for that as well.


Rob Tyree
Versaweb Hosting Admin