[CentOS-mirror] New Mirror Site @ Athens Greece

Hellas On Line - FTP master ftpmaster at hol.gr
Tue Jan 3 10:32:19 UTC 2006

Dear Sir/Madam:

	We at Hellas Online (www.hol.gr), the leading Greek internet
provider, are re-engineering our whole range of  operations to be able to
offer a better online experience for our customers.

	During the design of the extra services we wanted to provide, we
came to the conclusion that we must offer a mirror of your site as we
value it as an essential  part of the Internet.

	Thus we would like to ask your permission to mirror your site to
our new fangled Multi-Terrabyte public access storage server. We would
also appreciate it if you listed us as an official mirror site.

	If there are certain requirements for a mirror site we would
appreciate it if you communicated them to us.

	Our rsync client's IP address is and the web interface

http://ftp.hol.gr/pub/LinuxSection/distributions/centos/ &

Hellas On Line/Athens/Greece

	For any technical or commercial details on the project, feel free
to contact us at ftpmaster at hol.gr


Systems Administrators
IT Dep. Hellas On Line
e-mail : ftpmaster at hol.gr
web    : www.hol.gr

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