[CentOS-mirror] Mirror update in Spain (HOSTALIA)

Gorka Valencia at HOSTALIA gorka at hostalia.com
Wed Jan 25 14:40:31 UTC 2006


This is to notify that the mirror at Hostalia network is changing it's URL to:

HTTP: http://mirrors.hostalia.com/centos
FTP: ftp://mirrors.hostalia.com/centos

http://centos.hostalia.com/ is still reachable but we will remove DNS entry 

Also, we would like that our company name to be linked to our URL in the 
lists of mirrors: http://www.hostalia.com

Also please update Hostalia mirror to Tier1, as we now have 500 Mbps of 
available bandwidth and will soon upgrade several  providers to Gbps, so we 
will then have over 2,5 Gbps bandwidth.

Thank you,
Gorka Valencia

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