[CentOS-mirror] DVD isos & apache in 32bit CentOS

Thu Jun 1 06:01:25 UTC 2006
Kasparek Tomas <kasparek at fit.vutbr.cz>


is there some official (recomended) way how to handle DVD isos with
32bit (i386) CentOS (4.3). The included apache (2.0.52) does not allow 
to handle files over 2GB. I see two possibilities:

- offer httpd package compiled with large-files support
- suggest some light-weight HTTP daemon to redirect request for ISOs on
  (boa?) + maybe write some howto

merlin.fit.vutbr.cz does have DVD isos on disk, but cannot serve them,
that's bad...

I am going to implement the second approach but want to know if someone
had solved this yet before I start.

Thanks in advance.


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