[CentOS-mirror] DVD isos & apache in 32bit CentOS

Thu Jun 1 12:04:09 UTC 2006
Kasparek Tomas <kasparek at fit.vutbr.cz>

On Thu, Jun 01, 2006 at 09:55:18AM +0200, Pix wrote:
> Maybe i'm saying something stupid, but maybe a thttpd sitting on a
> non-standard port with a mod_rewrite rule in apache would do the trick ?

Yes, you are right, I just want to know if anyone was not thinking about
recompiling the apache wth largefile support - that will be the best
solution for me as admin ( = no additional work necessary). If not, I will
go the second way - the lightweight web server and redirection.

In this case is there someone using this setup? If so which LW web server
are you using? Let share your experience with others in list...
> > is there some official (recomended) way how to handle DVD isos with
> > 32bit (i386) CentOS (4.3). The included apache (2.0.52) does not allow 
> > to handle files over 2GB. I see two possibilities:
> > 
> > - offer httpd package compiled with large-files support
> > - suggest some light-weight HTTP daemon to redirect request for ISOs on
> >   (boa?) + maybe write some howto
> > 
> > merlin.fit.vutbr.cz does have DVD isos on disk, but cannot serve them,
> > that's bad...
> > 
> > I am going to implement the second approach but want to know if someone
> > had solved this yet before I start.


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