[CentOS-mirror] New mirror in Spain (Universitat de Lleida)

Fermin Molina fermin at asic.udl.es
Wed Mar 15 11:00:34 UTC 2006

Hi all,

We have enabled a CentOS mirror in Spain. The initial sync has been

Versions: All
Architectures: All.
Sync time: every 3 hours.

Organization: Universitat de Lleida (http://www.udl.es)
Contact: asic at asic.udl.es
City: Lleida
State: Lleida
Country: Spain
Bandwidth: max. 100 Mbits/s


Best regards,

Fermin Molina Ibarz
Tècnic sistemes - ASIC
Universitat de Lleida
Tel: +34 973 702151
GPG: 0x060F857A

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