[CentOS-mirror] Updating a repository....

Mon Mar 13 20:21:55 UTC 2006
Fiero, Paul <Paul.Fiero at ci.austin.tx.us>

Greetings all,
    I am currently in the process of setting up a yum repository for our
CentOS servers.  We currently run about 30 servers in various places on
our network and have a desire to do all of our updates from a central
local repository and also be able to use it as a place to provide our
own updates and distribution stuff.
    At the moment I am performing an rsync of an entire tier 2 site but
will be trimming that structure down to include only the information we
will be using.  Can someone provide me with some more information on how
to keep designated sections of the site up to date?  Or is it just plain
rsync stuff?  I haven't looked over to directory structure yet but will
do so once the download is finished.
    I appreciate any assistance that anyone can provide.
Paul Fiero, RHCE
Information Security Analyst
Communications and Technology Management Office
City of Austin
(512) 974-3559
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