[CentOS-mirror] 4.3 free drive space

Fri Mar 17 12:31:54 UTC 2006
Lars Bruno Hansen <lhansen at fysik.dtu.dk>

>hey guys,
>Quick heads up - CentOS 4.3 is going to open upto rsync during the 
>course of today, you might want to make sure that drive space issues, 
>network issues etc are all sorted out before then.
>4.3 is only going to be available via msync.centos.org - and NOT 
>mirror.centos.org, so make sure you rsync's are pointing to the correct 
>location - in some cases, it might be better to use another rsync mirror 
>close to you, rather than the centos.org network, to ensure faster 
>Either Johnny or I will post to the mailing list, before the /4/ symlink 
>moves over from /4.2 tree to the /4.3 tree ( and therefore the user end 
>traffic ).
Hi Karanbir,

How much extra diskspace is needed, the 4.2 is 30G,
should one have at least 30G free diskspace,

best regards