[CentOS-mirror] Instructions on CentOS.org for new mirrors

Sat Mar 25 01:14:21 UTC 2006
mirror-maintainer at mirror.averse.net <mirror-maintainer at mirror.averse.net>

On Thu 31 Mar 2005, mirror-maintainer at mirror.averse.net wrote:
> On Wed, 30 Mar 2005, Lance Davis wrote:
>>> I've been mirroring CentOS only for some time.  Available at
>>> ftp://mirror.averse.net/pub/centos
>>> http://mirror.averse.net/centos
>> Thanks - do you want it listing ?? If so what bandwidth do you have ??
> Sure.  It's currently a 100Mbps connection in Singapore, Asia.

Hi.  My mirror had disk corruption sometime last month, which may have led
to its removal from the mirrors list.  I've rebuilt it and it's been 
running again for a while now.  

Can you relist it?

It's carrying all architectures of CentOS 3 and 4 (I'm excluding 2.1)