[CentOS-mirror] CentOS Mirror System Proposals)

Thu Mar 9 18:26:13 UTC 2006
Arctic Network Administrator <admin at arcticnetwork.ca>

for arcticnetwork.ca:

> 1. Would you be prepared to act as a hub for other (local) mirrors to sync 
> from - either by providing us with a server to use, or setting up an 
> apache virtual host that we can point to (would have to be 
> standard CentOS mirror structure ) - and an rsync module. 
Yes.  We currently offer CentOS via rsync.  rsync.arcticnetwork.ca::centos
> 2. Would you be prepared to feed a bittorrent of the centos tree for new 
> mirrors to use to sync ??
No.  We are supported by our provider because we are a network-friendly
alternative to Bittorrent.  Bittorrent is bad.
> 3. Would you be prepared to mirror dvd.iso files , (bearing in mind the 
Our webserver (lighttpd) supports large files.  We also offer our
collections via FTP which supports large file sizes.
> --------------------
> 4. Would you be prepared to mirror vault.centos.org 
Not at this time due to disk space requirements.

> Do you have any other suggestions ??
Are there any plans for a mirror status tool?  Several other projects
run something as simple as mirmon, or as complex as a custom
automatic-notification monitoring tool, like CPAN has.