[CentOS-mirror] inconsistencies between CentOS I, CentOS J and CentOS R

Thu May 11 12:27:07 UTC 2006
Guido S. Nickels <gn at intergenia.de>


We are syncing our mirrors from msync.centos.org, which seems to be
pointing to at least three different machines ("I", "J" and "R").
Unfortunately all of them offer different data. Attached, you can find a
time-stamped log of test-syncs I did to figure out what is going wrong.
I assume this behaviour is not really wanted, is it?

Guido S. Nickels
intergenia AG, Operations

intergenia AG          Tel: +49 (22 33) 6 12 - 5 06
Daimlerstraße 9-11     Fax: +49 (22 33) 6 12 - 5 16
50354 Hürth            Web: http://www.intergenia.de
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