[CentOS-mirror] New Mirror Status System

Sun May 28 20:14:36 UTC 2006
Lance Davis <lance at uklinux.net>

We have set up mirmon to monitor the status of our mirrors.


Please check on the status shown for your miror as there are a few that 
are very out of date , and a few uncontactable.

Any mirrors not listed are flagged as down in our database. Please advise
if they are back up.

This data will shortly feed into the mirror list on our website, and we
will be setting up a system to email admins when there mirror is bad. 

Mirmon only checks the timestamp on the mirror , but does not check mirror 
content, so is only a rough guide, sufficient to  tell whether mirrors 
are bad, but in effect not whether they are good ...

Our mirrorlist system checks the validity of the repodata.xml file for 
each repo by comparing it against the master and only offering those that 
match, similarily our iso redirect checks the file details against those 
on the master server so both check that the mirrors are good.



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