[CentOS-mirror] Becoming a CentOS mirror

Sat May 13 01:54:00 UTC 2006
Graham Frank <gfrank at neoservers.com>


My mirror currently uses about 66GB of space and 10 Mbps bandwidth (95th).  When new releases are made, expepct a jump of about 10 GB of disk usage for the week or two following the release.

--Graham Frank

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From:  Simon Boulet <simon at iweb.ca>
Subj:  [CentOS-mirror] Becoming a CentOS mirror
Date:  Fri May 12, 2006 2:06 pm
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My name is Simon Boulet, I am System Administrator and Responsible of
the Technological Development for iWeb.ca, one of the biggest Web hosting
provider in Canada. iWeb has been using open source softwares since the
beginning in 1996. Now 2006 we host over 2000 servers, with 70% running
different flavors of Linux.

iWeb currently operates a redundant 4Gbps network peering with
Teleglobe, Cogent, Level3/Videotron and Peer1 in Montreal and Toronto,

We are interested in becoming an official CentOS mirror.

We haven't fixed the amount of bandwidth we can offer, but it will be
around 100Mbps. Available storage will most likely be near 1TB. This
mirror will be shared among other open source projects (other distros,
kernel.org, etc.). The mirror would be entirely managed by iWeb staff.

We were wondering how much traffic a CentOS mirror generates?

How many storage space is needed (all archs... and i386, x86_64)?

Are you in need for a mirror in Canada?

Thanks for your time and your excellent work.


Simon Boulet, SysAdmin [iWeb]
Support / Client Hub : http://Hub.iWeb.ca

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