[CentOS-mirror] new mirror application

Matthew Martz mdmartz at gflug.net
Fri Nov 3 16:36:35 UTC 2006

> we've setup a new centos mirror (http://ftp.cse.yzu.edu.tw/) with the
> following details:
> - syncing every 6 hours
> - city: Taoyuan
> - state/country: Asia/Taiwan
> - bandwidth: 100mbps
> - name: Yuan Ze University
> - link: http://www.cse.yzu.edu.tw
> - mirroring architectures: i386 x86_64
> - mirroring versions: 3.x,4.x
> We are providing a complete CentOS mirror, synced every six hours (this
> can be modified if desired).  Details can be found on the page above,
> but the URLs for CentOS access are:
>   http://ftp.cse.yzu.edu.tw/pub/CentOS/
>   ftp://ftp.cse.yzu.edu.tw/pub/CentOS/

The above mirror has been added to the mirror database.  You should see
your mirror listed soon as long as it is up to date.

Matthew Martz
CentOS Mirror Admin
mdmartz at gflug.net

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