[CentOS-mirror] Re: CentOS-mirror Digest, Vol 21, Issue 10

Tue Nov 14 21:51:09 UTC 2006
Matthew Martz <mdmartz at gflug.net>

>> I was interested in starting a mirror, but I was wondering what the
>> average bandwidth usage of the mirrors were? I have a 100 Mbit server in
>> the Giga-Intrenational Datacenter (Germany) and I would like to donate a
>> mirror but I was just curious as too how much on average the usage was.
> On my mirror (mirror.chpc.utah.edu), I find that the throughput is pretty
> low, but it's always there. You can see the usage graph of my mirror at:
> All together, I push roughly 40-60 gigabytes per day.

I have seen days of 100GB+ but on average I would say that 40-60GB/day is
about right. I usually see an average of about 10-20MBit/s.  Sometimes
spiking as high as 60MBit/s.

Matthew Martz
CentOS Mirror Admin
mdmartz at gflug.net