[CentOS-mirror] FTP mirrors & SIZE command

Francois Petillon ftpmaint at proxad.net
Tue Oct 17 09:27:38 UTC 2006


The mirror monitoring script has been recently updated to check FTP 
mirrors and to add them in isoredirect.centos.org when they are up to 
date. It should be usable too for HTTP mirrors who redirects to FTP mirrors.
Unfortunately, a few FTP mirrors refuse the "SIZE" FTP command and, as 
the script can not check the ISOs file, we are unable to list them (well 
unless someone has a nice workaround to get the file size, and no, 
downloading it is not what I am calling "nice").

Is there any reason why somes servers refuse this command ? (it may be 
for good/bad reason, it is not my point, I am just wondering)


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