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Thu Sep 7 08:57:02 UTC 2006

I sent this actually a week ago, but it apparently was sent to the list 
moderator and disappeared since I didn't remember to set the From: field 
to the alias subscribed to this list. Anyway, the text is still current 
and I'm wondering if I could at some point rsync to the dvd master site
or some other site with the DVDs or just live without them. There does 
not seem to be 4.4 or 3.8 DVDs on any of the sites, I guess that's 


ps. I fixed the symlink problem as soon as I noticed it, I myself used 
the other symlink on our front page for testing... I don't see any 
problems with the rsync link either. But anyway in FTP I trust ;-)

Lance Davis wrote:
>> Direct DVD Downloads.: Yes please, but
>> it seems I'd need first access to my-dvd.centos.org::CentOS-incdvd to 
>> make it happen. Could that be arranged? Other mirrors could rsync 
>> from us  too as long as we are not the only source. I'd hope the 2GB 
>> limit will gradually disappear... It's practically the same bits as 
>> in the set of  CDs so if most sites supported DVDs I'd suppose the 
>> load would not rise much (rsync, pureftpd, http 2.2.x and Solaris 10 
>> at least seems to be working combination).
> If you could please do an initial sync against ine of the other rsync 
> mirrors that carry dvd images - that would save our servers a lot of 
> bandwidth - and they are more likely better connected to you than we are.
I've now done that from mirrors.kernel.org which took some time... The
mirrorservice in UK, which would have been closer, didn't support -H
option which you seem to require to save space or something? On the
other hand I didn't use the -z option which we think mostly waste of
time and CPU since most files are already compressed in some way and the
savings in bandwidth are probably marginal compared to the server and
disk load. Checksumming, which wasn't on in another mirror, however may
well save bandwidth when the transfers are having problems with DVDs etc.

I forgot to mention that the source address for the mirroring would be or but if you can you could use the subnet for access control. The public servers run in a
r/o solaris 10 zone where mirrors can't write thus we mirror via
different addresses  in the NIC.FUNET.FI subnet.

> Having said that, we do need to formalise our approach to dvd 
> downloads and a request has been made that all mirrors that offer dvd 
> by rsync should have a separate rsync target for them (or including 
> them) , which I am inclined to agree with and need to formalise 
> shortly.  Any comments welcome ...
Fine by us, provided the target is defined in a way that doesn't need
changing too often. 3.7 seemed to have isos-dvd, 3.8 didn't seem to have
it yet
at least. I suppose this would be used by other mirrors that want to
offer dvd's too?
> Regards

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