[CentOS-mirror] Rsync on Windows & Mirroring Best Practices

William Dunn

wdunn at cs.vt.edu
Fri Sep 15 01:24:07 UTC 2006

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> William Dunn wrote:
>> I made my own lockfiles, and I know they're not as robust as they 
>> should be, but I did it in a hurry, and so far they've worked.
>> #!/bin/bash
>> if [ -f /root/rsync-scripts/centos.lockfile ]
>> then
>> echo "lock file exists, exiting..."
>> exit
>> fi
>> #echo "creating lock file..."
>> touch /root/rsync-scripts/centos.lockfile
>> rsync -aqzH --partial --delete us-msync.centos.org::CentOS 
>> /home/ftp/pub/CentOS
>> rm -f /root/rsync-scripts/centos.lockfile
> i dont think this is actually going to work on a win2k3 machine, without 
> some external aid (!)

Well, you'd think someone would get around to inventing some way for 
email to carry a little one line tag telling you the subject of the 
email!  It would avoid these awkward situations!  Yar!

.. Can you do the same thing in perl on Windows?  I know active state 
has been putting out some perl stuff for windows for a while....


William Dunn
Unix / Linux Administrator
Virginia Tech Computer Science Department
wdunn at cs.vt.edu / 540-231-3167

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