[CentOS-mirror] New CentOS Mirror

Grigorios G. Papazoglou

grp at med.uoc.gr
Fri Sep 15 07:06:04 UTC 2006

Hello list,

we have set up one more CentOS mirror, accessible in:


This is located in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Crete, 
Heraklion, Greece (http://www.med.uoc.gr).

Currently, we mirror only versions 3 and 4, for the i386 platform (soon 
there will be an upgrade for which we will inform you immediately). This 
is accessible via a Gigabit line, and currently via HTTP (FTP and 
perhaps rsync will be considered soon). It is kept in sync 4 times a day.

Please contact me via the mailing list for any comments/suggestions.

Grigorios G. Papazoglou
System Administrator

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