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Mote, Ty R.

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Fri Sep 15 15:06:28 UTC 2006

Thank you to everyone who responded back in the mailing list and to
those who offered advice offline. I appreciate all of you.

I am using cygwin to run rsync and it works beautiully. As many have
pointed out, since I am using IIS instead of apache the symlinks and
hard links won't work. I expected this and am not too concerned. If this
causes problems for users who may access me as a mirror I may port the
web hosting portion on to a Linux box. The only reason I don't just run
a CentOS server for all of this is that I cannot get funding to buy
hardware specifically for this purpose. I am hosting the files on a
massive DFS root which is rooted on a M$ Server 2003 box. There is no
changing that, and I don't really need to anyway.

My server is (and has been) up and running for a couple of days now with
no problems. I will be limiting the scope of what I am mirroring to all
i386 version 3.0 and up. I have "Scheduled Tasks" working perfectly. Now
I just need time to get all the goods over here.

Once I am confident that the mirror is working (and noone objects too
harshly to publishing me with symlinks and hardlinks not working) I will
post my server to the newsgroup.

Ty R. Mote
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I am new to the idea of mirroring, but I want to support CentOS by
sharing some of my bandwidth. I have read over the CentOS Mirroring
HowTo and set everything up as it states. However, the instructions
suggest that the reader contacts the mailing list for additional
instructions for using "lock files", etc.

I have Rsync working on my Windows Server 2003 box in daemon mode.
Everything appear to be functional. I would assume that I can now
schedule updates using "Scheduled Tasks" in place of CRON. Is this

Lastly, I would like to mirror only the i386 & i386-64bit data
(including DVDs, and SRPMs). Would anyone have advice to lend for doing

Thank you for your assistance!

Ty R. Mote
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