[CentOS-mirror] Rsync on Windows & Mirroring Best Practices

Zenon Panoussis

centos at provocation.net
Sat Sep 16 06:06:46 UTC 2006

Karanbir Singh wrote:

> but the symlinks is worrying - your mirror will effectively be non
> usable, unless the $releasever/ matching symlinks work and are moved
> around in sync with the centos msync network.

> I am open to suggestions from people on how we might be able to work
> around this, nothing obvious comes to my mind. except that the entire
> latest version tree be also copied under the $releasever/ tree.
> effectively doubling the entire mirror size.

Does IIS have something like apache's Alias directive? If so, filesystem
symlinking could be translated to webserver aliasing, same thing done in
a different way.


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