[CentOS-mirror] Syncing of CentOS 5 to mirrors.

Ross Hosman ross at dillio.net
Fri Apr 13 04:52:25 UTC 2007


Does anyone see anything wrong with this crontab 

* */6 * * * rsync -avz --include='timestamp.txt' --include='TIME' --include='RPM-GPG-KEY-centos4' --include='4.4/' --include='4.3/' --include='4.2/' --include='4.1/' --include='4/' --include='4.0/' --include='5/' --include='5.0/' --exclude='/*' msync.centos.org::CentOS /mirror/www/centos/ > /var/log/rsync.log 

I was using it to just mirror 4 but now that five is out and I did the includes for it crontab has been going crazy and laucnhing multiple instances. 


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mirrors.gigenet.com is synced with 5 and we will continue to support 4, please update the mirrors webpage to reflect this and put us in the 5 distribution pool. 


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> Subject: [CentOS-mirror] Syncing of CentOS 5 to mirrors. 
> ftp.cse.yzu.edu.tw is now synced, it carries all arches all versions 
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