[CentOS-mirror] Status of dvd iso for CentOS mirrors.

Olivier Thauvin nanardon at nanardon.zarb.org
Sun Apr 15 23:47:04 UTC 2007

Le Sunday 15 April 2007, Lance Davis a écrit :

> (CentOS now has its first server up running C5 and able to display
> large dvd images under http :)
> I have updated our isoredirect system to detect and verify dvd isos on
> mirrors , and sources with current dvd isos are now listed separately on
> the isoredirect page - what this is showing is that very few of our
> mirrors have the dvd isos and we need to get more out there ...
> To test :-
> http://isoredirect.centos.org/mirrorscripts/chooseisolist.pl?release=5.0&ar
>ch=i386 It will give you local info based on your ip
> you can also add &cc=xx to test other country codes

There is something unclear to me, you'll probably enlight me :)

My server (distrib-coffee) can host and share via ftp/http/rsync DVD iso, it 
already does it for mandriva (and it is running a mandriva 2007 64bits).

I can and I want to host and share CentOS DVD iso, however the page you gave 
don't show my server, so it seems I don't have DVD isos.

What should I do exactly to have the whole tree ? I use currently 
eu-msync.centos.org::CentOS/ as source.

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