[CentOS-mirror] Status of dvd iso for CentOS mirrors.

Lance Davis lance at centos.org
Tue Apr 17 02:08:53 UTC 2007

On Mon, 16 Apr 2007, J.H. wrote:

> Kernel.org would is completely willing.
> However would it not make more sense to just set up a second rsync
> target and explicitly exclude *DVD* or something akin to that so that
> those not wanting the DVD's got everything BUT the dvd isos?  That might
> be a lot quicker and simpler than doing a hard linked set of trees.

Yes, that is fine. We hardlink the trees for other reasons (although they 
escape me at the moment :)

> As for letting other mirrors sync from the tier1's is there any
> consideration for authentication as it would be nice to just run, again,
> a separate target that can see everything in the centos directory but
> check either the incoming ip address or (as I currently have setup) a
> username/password combination so that only mirrors are using those
> targets and not the general public.  If you did it via an ip list you
> could just have that sync with the rest of the Centos tree, if you did
> it via username/passwords you'd need to have the tier1's sync a separate
> target or something with that list.

Well the only reason not too was that you allow public rsync access :)

I guess that would mean having specific rsync targets for mirrors to sync 
eg ::CentOS-sync-nodvd ::CentOS-sync-incdvd as opposed to the public 

But what would be the difference ?? - ok I guess they are more specific 
as to what you are going to get, and you may be able to give a different 
bandwidth path ??

Plus it may be useful for logging purposes.

I am happy to provide a list of ips that are authorised to sync those 
targets - would that work for you ??


> - John 'Warthog9' Hawley
> Kernel.org Admin
> On Mon, 2007-04-16 at 11:50 -0600, David Richardson wrote:
>> On Sun, 15 Apr 2007, Lance Davis wrote:
>>> There has been some confusion about the CentOS and CentOS-incdvd rsync
>>> targets , and the fact that some mirrors have dvd isos included in the CentOS
>>> target, so what we would like to do is to have a list of tier 1 mirrors that
>>> :-
>>> 1. provide rsync access to the complete CentOS release tree
>>> 2. would be prepared to act as a seed for new mirrors
>>> 3. would be prepared to set up separate CentOS and CentOS-incdvd targets for
>>> other mirrors to sync against, either initial or recurring syncs (the trees
>>> would be hardlinked, so extra space required is minimal).
>> mirror.chpc.utah.edu already has the DVD images and provides rsync access
>> to the complete tree, and I would be willing to set up the separate rsync
>> targets.
>> Dave
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