[CentOS-mirror] Status of dvd iso for CentOS mirrors.

Brian Elliott Finley finley at anl.gov
Wed Apr 18 03:37:07 UTC 2007

I'll second nvieira's question -- after all this discussion, what is the
proper URI for syncing, including the DVD ISOs?  We're currently syncing
everything else just fine.

If you need IPs for acls, please use these:

Either machine might do the syncing, but only one is configured as the
active sync machine on any given day.


Nuno Vieira - nfsi telecom wrote:
> Hello Lance,
> Can you please clarify how can i sync the dvd's from ?
> I am trying to use eu-msync.centos.org::::CentOS-sync-incdvd and
> msync.centos.org::::CentOS-sync-incdvd without any success.
> regards,
> --nvieira
> On Apr 17, 2007, at 3:08 AM, Lance Davis wrote:
>> ::CentOS-sync-incdvd
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