[CentOS-mirror] Status of dvd iso for CentOS mirrors.

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Thu Apr 26 23:02:47 UTC 2007

David Richardson wrote:
> I have finally configured this on mirror.chpc.utah.edu. I now have three
> CentOS-specific rsync targets:
> * CentOS and CentOS-nodvd, which exclude the DVD images (by using the
>   line "exclude = *DVD*.iso *dvd*.iso" in rsyncd.conf)
> * CentOS-incdvd, which includes the DVD images.
> Everyone is welcome to sync from me.

mirrors.kernel.org now has the same, except that our "centos" module is
the complete set since that was our previous configuration, and rsync
modules are apparently case insensitive.


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