[CentOS-mirror] New mirror for Russia

Arkady Shane yandexmirror at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 13:22:56 UTC 2007

Hello, i'd like to announce  new mirror for Russia.

Country:           Russian Federation
City:              Moscow
State (Area):      RU
Organization Name: Yandex
Organization URL:  http://www.yandex.ru <http://www.energotel.eu/>
Protocols:         HTTP, FTP, RSYNC

Centos Versions:   All
URL http:          http://mirror.yandex.ru/centos
URL ftp:           ftp://mirror.yandex.ru/centos
URL rsync:         rsync://mirror.yandex.ru/centos
Syncing:           4 times a day
Bandwidth:         1 Gbps
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