[CentOS-mirror] CentOS Mirror

"Yuan-Chung Hsiao (蕭淵鐘)"

ychsiao at mail.stu.edu.tw
Tue Dec 4 02:47:04 UTC 2007


Please add to mirror list

Country: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
IP Address:
Url of the mirror: ftp://ftp.stu.edu.tw/Linux/CentOS/ (ftp)
                   http://ftp.stu.edu.tw/Linux/CentOS/ (http)
Organization: Computer Center, Shu-Te University

Best regards,
Yuan-Chung Hsiao (蕭淵鐘)
Computer Center, Shu-Te University
Yen Chau, Kaohsiung County, Taiwan 824
TEL:+886-7-6158000 Ext. 2438

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