[CentOS-mirror] 5.1 released to mirrors

Sun Dec 2 09:27:11 UTC 2007
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

Pekka Savola wrote:
> On Sun, 2 Dec 2007, Johnny Hughes wrote:
>> We currently have the top directory (5.1) set to 700 permissions.  This
>> should allow you to download as your "rsync" user now, but it will
>> probably not be browseable on your web/ftp server.
>> We will change the permissions to 775 on the 5.1 directory as we get
>> more than 50% of the external mirrors with the 5.1 tree completed.
> How do you know when you've reached 50% if those sites have perms set to
> 700? Or what is the definition of 'external mirrors' here?  Or maybe the
> assumption is that CentOS mirrors who have already synced set the
> permissions to 775, and temporarily disable syncing of 5.1?
> -ps

Well .. we have this page:


What will happen is that mirrors will move to the right on the top graph
as they start syncing ... until they get finished ... then they will
move back to the left.  (This is based on a TIME file that is one of the
last to sync).

So we should see a shift to the right, then back to the left, of all the
mirrors that are actively syncing.

Once we see that, probably in 24-48 hours, and once our outbound
bandwidth starts going down on our msync / msync-dvd mirrors, we will
change the permissions .. and then you guys will pick it up on your next

The definition of "External Public Mirrors" are the ones listed in our
database that are NOT .centos.org machines ... currently all those on
the above status page.  We also have 15 servers that are "Internal"
CentOS Mirrors that we use to sync to the External Public Mirrors.

Also, the reason we want to wait until we get 50% of the mirrors (at a
minumum) before we change permissions to 755 is so that we get several
mirrors with a complete filesets, because we have a roundrobin script
that sets our ISOLISTS and MIRRORLISTS for 5.1 ... and once we change
permissions, our script will pick up the machines, and start directing
new yum updates to do the 5.1 update set.  We would like there to be
enough mirrors on line with 5.1 so that we can handle the load for all
the users who will be upgrading.

Johnny Hughes

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