[CentOS-mirror] New Beijing Mirror

Richard Ford rford at candis.com.cn
Fri Feb 9 15:36:25 UTC 2007

New Beijing Mirror, we are on both CNCBig, CNCSmall, China Telecom,  
Great Wall, Keji Wang and Jiao Yu Wang Networks.  Though those of us  
in China know how routing really works here...cough, cough...

I may add an IP alias via our routers in HK for south China users and  
HK users to come in up on the main south china backbone at a later  
date - but I need to wait for our CISCO engineer to come back from  
holidays as I suck at IOS.


url: http://centos.candishosting.com.cn/
sync: Every 6 hours, so 4 times per day
location: Beijing, PR China
bandwidth cap: Unlimited
speed:  Unlimited 100mbits Dedicated Fibre
organization: CANDIS Group
organization url: http://www.candis.com.cn
email: hosting at candis.com.cn /  rford at candis.com.cn


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